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GCN Circular 198

SN 1999E & GRB 980919
1999-01-22T00:21:05Z (25 years ago)
Shri Kulkarni at Caltech <>
SN 1998E & GRB 980919

S. R. Kulkarni (Caltech) and D. A. Frail (NRAO) report:

SN 1999E has been remarked by several observers to be similar
to SN 1998bw which in turn has been associated with GRB 980425
(see GCN 197 and refs therein). The age of SN 1999E is very
loosely constrained. 

Regardless of the GRB-SN connection, SN 1998bw is most notable
for its radio properties (see Kulkarni et al. Nature 1998).
We urge radio observations of this SN both to estimate the
age of the SN and as potential tracer of relativistic shocks.
This age determination will either confirm or reject the
proposed association of GRB 980910 with SN 1999E (GCN 197). 
[We note that if the SN is young then braod-band radio observations
will be most useful. Expected flux level could be in the level of
a few mJy across the cm  and mm bands].
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