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GCN Circular 2010

GRB 030329: visual observations
2003-03-30T00:33:03Z (21 years ago)
Arto Oksanen at Nyrola Obs., Finland <>
A. Oksanen (Nyrola Observatory), R. Henriksson and M. Tuukkanen (the Finnish 
Deep Sky section of Astronomical Association Ursa) report:

We observed the optical afterglow of GRB030329 reported by Peterson and
Price (GCN 1985) visually about 8 hours after the burst. 

M. Tuukkanen observed the OT In Pornainen, Finland with a 0.63 m Newton
telescope for about one hour starting March 29, 2003 19:30 UT. 
He reported it as a faint starlike object seen easily with
direct vision. He did not see any flickering or distinct color.

R. Henriksson was observing in Orivesi, Finland with his 0.30 m Newton
telescope using 200x magnification at 20:05 UT. He reported the object 
stellar and faint, visible only with averted vision. His scanned sketch 
with notes is available on web:

Both observers estimated the visual magnitude as 14.3 by using the 14.2
magnitude GSC 1434:322 star North of OT as reference.

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