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GCN Circular 2034

GRB030329 - Light curve flattening
2003-03-30T23:27:35Z (21 years ago)
Eran Ofek at Tel Aviv U. <>
Y. Lipkin, E. O. Ofek, A. Gal-Yam, Haim Mendelson (Wise observatory, TAU)

We are observing the field of GRB 030329 (HETE trigger #2652, Ricker et al., GCN 1997) with the
TEK 1K CCD mounted on the 1-meter telescope of Wise Observatory, Israel.
Based on the secondary reference stars provided by Henden (GCN 2023,
RA, Dec (2000) = 10:44:39 +21:30:59, and 10:44:42 +21:32:32), we measure
a magnitude of R=16.40 for the OT at 17:20 UT

Preliminary analysis of 75 images, obtained during three hours of observations
(17.2 UT - 20.5 UT) yields a power-law decay rate (alpha) of 0.7 +/- 0.1.
It appears that the OT decline rate has flattened again, after the
reported break (Halpern et al. GCN 2021).

[GCN OPS NOTE (30Mar03): Haim Mendelson was added to the author list.]
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