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GCN Circular 2102

GRB 030329: BV photographic observations
2003-04-06T02:18:40Z (21 years ago)
V.G.Metlov at Moscow State U <>
V.Metlov (Crimean Laboratory of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute,
Moscow State University) report:
I have made photographic observations of the GRB030329 OT found by B.A.Peterson
and P.A.Price (GCN 1985) with 50-cm Maksutov telescope in Crimea.
Exposures: 60 minutes and 50 minutes in B and V filters accordingly.
Based on filed photometry presented in GCN 2023 by A.Henden (12 stars were used 
to do the calibration) I estimate the OT magnitudes:

UT, Apr 2		filter	  mag	 err

19:33:00 - 20:33:00       B      18.15   0.15
20:45:00 - 21:35:00       V      18.10   0.25

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[GCN OPS NOTE (05apr03): This circular was delayed 35 hours due to no entry
in the valid list.]
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