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GCN Circular 21963

Swift Trigger 775946 is a Galactic transient, not GRB 171003
2017-10-03T11:44:51Z (7 years ago)
Jamie A. Kennea at PSU/Swift-XRT <>
J.A. Kennea (PSU) and S.B. Cenko (NASA/GSFC) report on behalf of the 
Swift Team:

BAT trigger 775946 (GCN #21960) is confirmed to be a Galactic Transient, 
Swift J0243.6+6124. Swift/XRT observations show the source to continue
to be bright with evidence of brightening over three orbits of
observations. We note also a reported possible detection of brightening
of LSI +61 303 by MAXI (ATEL #10803) is likely due to this new transient
(LSI +61 303 is 25 arc-minutes away from the XRT position reported in 
GCN #21960).
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