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GCN Circular 22390

GRB 180205A: Nickel telescope optical observations
2018-02-06T00:10:25Z (6 years ago)
Weikang Zheng at UC Berkeley <>
Edward Falcon, Sameen Yunus, WeiKang Zheng and Alex Filippenko (UC Berkeley)
report on behalf of the KAIT GRB team:

We observed the field of GRB 180205A (Evans et al., GCN 22381) with
the 1-m Nickel telescope located at Lick observatory, California.
Observations started about 1.32 hours after the burst and lasted for
~1.4 hours. We detected the optical afterglow (Evans et al. GCN 22381;
Zheng et al. GCN 22382; Bolmer et al. GCN 22383; Tanvir et al. GCN 22384;
Volnova et al. GCN 22387) in all the images taken with B,V,R and I filters.
A preliminary light curve is posted at the following link along with KAIT
observations (Zheng et al. GCN 22382):
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