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GCN Circular 2473

GRB 031203: Radio detection
2003-12-06T13:28:21Z (21 years ago)
Dale A. Frail at NRAO <>
D. A. Frail (NRAO) reports on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"Using the Very Large Array at 8.5 GHz, we imaged a 2-arcminute radius
near the X-ray source S1, detected by the XMM (GCN#2464) within the
INTEGRAL error circle (GCN#2459). A single radio source is detected
close to the center of S1 at (J2000), r.a. = 08:02:30.22, dec. =
-39:51:02.8, with conservative errors of +/-0.4 arcsec. This source is
not detected in the NRAO VLA Sky Survey at 20-cm. The flux density of
this source is 0.5 mJy - typical for GRB afterglows. We caution that
the flux calibration at this stage is only preliminary.

The coincidences between the INTEGRAL position, and the position of
the XMM-S1 and VLA sources, argues for a real association. We will be
undertaking further observations to test whether the radio source is
the afterglow of GRB 031203."
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