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GCN Circular 254

For Immediate Posting to GCN - HST Data GRB 990123 Available
1999-02-09T18:07:15Z (25 years ago)
Steven Beckwith at STScI <>
HST Images of GRB 990123 Now Publicly Available

The Space Telescope Science Institute is pleased to announce that recent 
observations of GRB 990123 are now available in the HST Data Archive. The 
program ID is 8394. The three orbits of STIS CCD imaging were done as a 
Director's Discretionary Program as a service to the astronomical community, 
in response to suggestions by Fruchter, Kulkarni, and others. The data can 
also be found in the archive's anonymous ftp area,
and gzipped versions of the same fits files are also available in the 
compressed/ subdirectory.

[GCN OP NOTE:  I deleted the HTML-version duplicate of the circular
that was attached in the original submitted/distributed circular.]
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