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GCN Circular 25591

GRB 190829A: TNG imaging of the NIR afterglow
2019-08-31T17:53:09Z (5 years ago)
Paolo D'Avanzo at INAF-OAB <>
P. D'Avanzo (INAF-OAB), V. D'Elia (ASI/SSDC), A. Rossi (INAF-OAS), A. Melandri (INAF-OAB), M. De Pasquale (Istanbul University), 
D. B. Malesani (DTU space), G. Andreuzzi, A. Garcia de Gurtubai Escudero (INAF/TNG), I. Carleo (Wesleyan University) report on 
behalf of the CIBO collaboration:

We observed the afterglow of GRB 190829A (Dichiara et al., GCN 25552; Lesage et al., GCN 25575; Xu et al., GCN 25555) 
with the 3.6m Italian TNG telescope (Canary Islands, Spain), equipped with the NICS infrared camera in imaging mode. 

We obtained a series of images with the J, H and Ks filters on 2019 Aug 31 from 03:45 to 05:52 UT (i.e. from about 
31.8 hours to about 34 hours after the GRB). 

From preliminary aperture photometry, the NIR afterglow is clearly detected with the following magnitudes: 

J  = 18.8 +/- 0.2 
H  = 18.1 +/- 0.1 
Ks = 17.8 +/- 0.1

(AB, calibrated against the 2MASS catalogue). We cannot exclude contamination from the host galaxy light. 

Compared to the magnitudes reported by Paek & Im (GCN 25584), our results are consistent with a power-law decay with 
index alpha ~ 1 of the NIR afterglow flux.
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