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GCN Circular 2680

GRB 040827: Possible detection of optical afterglow
2004-08-28T01:26:44Z (20 years ago)
Edo Berger at Carnegie Obs <>
E. Berger, Ian Thompson (Carnegie Observatories) and Wojtek Krzeminski
(Las Campanas Observatory) report:
"We imaged the 2.5-arcmin error circle of GRB 040827 (GCN #2672) with the
Swope 40-inch telescope at Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) from August
27.98 to 28.02 UT (12.2 hours after the burst) for a total of 40 minutes
on source.  Observations were taken in the I-band in good weather
conditions and seeing of about 1.1 arcsec.  We do not detected any strong
sources within the 10-arcsec error circle of the XMM-Newton X-ray source
(GCN #2678), but a weak source (~4-sigma) is detected about 4.7" from the
center of the XMM error circle with I=21.8 mag (compared to USNO-B1)  at:
        RA=   15:17:01.4
        DEC= -16:08:23.3   (J2000)
with an uncertainty of about 0.3" in each coordinate."
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