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GCN Circular 2708

GRB 040912, BVRI observations
2004-09-13T14:52:02Z (20 years ago)
Sylvio Klose at TLS Tautenburg <>
S. Klose, U. Laux, Thueringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg,
J. Greiner, MPE Garching,


The error circle of GRB 040912 (HETE trigger 3557; Butler et al., GCN
2701) was imaged in BVRI with the Tautenburg Schmidt telescope  equipped
with the prime focus CCD camera (field of view ~40'x 40').  Observations
started Sep 12, 19:34 UT, about 5 hours after the burst, and lasted for
altogether 6 hours. During the observing run the sky conditions were good.

Based on the USNO SA2.0 catalogue (Monet et al. 1996), we estimate a
limiting magnitude of R = 22.5 for the combined R-band image. The combined
I-band image goes about 2 mag deeper than the DSS2 infrared  image, while
the combined B-band image is about 1 mag less deep than the DSS1.

In addition to the reported non-detections in the R-band (Pimbblet &
Price, GCN 2702; Monard, GCN 2703; Ogura et al., GCN 2705; Andersen et
al., GCN 2707) we can state that there is no I-band candidate  down to
the DSS2 infrared plate limit. There is also no evidence for any point
source in R and I potentially superimposed one of the two brightest
galaxies in the field. There is no potential afterglow candidate in
the B-band.
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