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GCN Circular 27334

GRB 200306C: Liverpool Telescope observations
2020-03-07T02:09:10Z (4 years ago)
Luca Izzo at DARK/NBI <>
L. Izzo (DARK/NBI) and D. Perley (LJMU) report:

We observed GRB 200303C (Gropp et al. GCN 27326) with the IO:O camera mounted on the 2-m Liverpool Telescope located in La Palma, Spain. Observations started on March 7th at 01:01:49 UT (2.20 hours after the GRB trigger) and we obtained a series of 5x60s images in the griz filters.

In our stacked i-band and z-band images we detect the afterglow at the position reported by Swift-UVOT and other telescopes (Lipunov et al. GCNC 27324, GCN 27325; Jelinek et al. GCN 27328; Hu et al., GCN 27329; Moskvitin GCN 27333) and we measure a preliminary magnitude of i(AB) = 20.7 +- 0.1 mag (median time 2.46 hr after the GRB trigger) and z(AB) = 21.0 +- 0.3 mag (median time 2.58 hr after the GRB).  

[GCN OPS NOTE(07mar20): Per author's request, in the first sentence "200303A" was changed to "200303C".
Also per request, the thrid paragraph was removed as it was an accidental inclusion of a previous circular.]
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