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GCN Circular 2849

Optical transient (GRB?) in Lynx, UT Dec 11.4436
2004-12-16T01:06:04Z (19 years ago)
Eric Christensen at U.Arizona/LPL <eric@hindmost.LPL.Arizona.EDU>
On Dec 11 we observed a stationary optical transient at the 0.68m 
Catalina Schmidt telescope, during the course of surveying for near 
earth asteroids.  IAU Circular 8452 was issued the following day 
containing our observations (R-band magnitudes):

> R.A. = 8h03m24s.60 +/- 0s.07, Decl. = +38o18'35".9 +/- 0".5 (equinox 
> 2000.0)
> Dec. 11.4321 UT, [19.5; 11.4436, 15.9; 11.4549, 17.5; 11.4656, 18.2;
> 11.5073, 19.6; 11.5081, 18.9; 11.5090, 19.1; 11.5099, 19.7.

Multiple colleagues have noted that these observations approximate a 
power law rate of decay.

A source that appears to be coincident with our observations has since 
been located in the SDSS archives (RA 120.8528, DEC 38.30967, Src # 
587728932410623203, Gunn r=21.9).  The source is also visible in the 
NEAT SkyMorph archives.

Radio and X-ray observations are urgently requested.

An animation of the event is posted at

Eric Christensen
Catalina Sky Survey
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