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GCN Circular 2851

Optical Transient in Lynx not a GRB
2004-12-16T14:39:00Z (19 years ago)
George Djorgovski at Caltech/Palomar <>
S. G. Djorgovski, A. Gal-Yam (Caltech) and P. Price (IfA/UH) report:

We obtained a spectrum of the apparent counterpart of the OT in Lynx,
reported by Christensen et al. (GCN 2849), using LRIS spectrograph
on the WMKO Keck-1 telescope, on UT 2004 Dec 16.6.  The object is
a probable M dwarf with a prominent H-alpha emission line.  The
colors of the proposed counterpart in the SDSS archive are also
consistent with a late-type star.  Therefore, the transient was
most likely an unusually strong stellar flare associated with
this star, and not a GRB or any other exotic type of an event.

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