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GCN Circular 30542

GRB 210726A: 6 GHz VLA radio upper limit
2021-07-28T22:38:02Z (3 years ago)
Genevieve Schroeder at Northwestern University <>
G. Schroeder, W. Fong, A. Rouco Escorial, (Northwestern), T. Laskar (U. of
Bath), E. Berger (Harvard) report:

"We observed the position of short GRB 210726A (Bernardini et al., GCN
30523; Veres et al., GCN 30540; Palmer et al., GCN 30536; Tohuvavohu et
al., GCN 30535) with the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) under
program 20B-057 (PI: Fong) beginning on 2021 July 27.81 UT (1.00 days
post-burst) at a mean frequency of 6 GHz.

Based on preliminary analysis, in 1 hour of observations we do not detect
any radio emission at or near the position of the XRT afterglow (Osborne et
al., GCN 30524) to a 3-sigma limit of 15 microJy. Additional, detailed
analysis is ongoing.

We thank the VLA staff for quickly approving and executing these
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