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GCN Circular 3216

GRB 050408: Inconsistency of host galaxy identification
2005-04-10T12:45:35Z (19 years ago)
Alessandro Monfardini at JMU/Liverpool Robotic Tele <>
A. Monfardini, I. Steele, C.G. Mundell C. Guidorzi, A. Gomboc, M. Bode
(Liverpool), N. Tanvir (Hertfordshire), P. O'Brien and E. Rol 
(Leicester) report:
"Since 4.3 hours after the burst, we are monitoring the field of the
GRB050408 (HETE GCN 3189) with the 2m telescopes of the ROBONET network.
We clearly detect the fading afterglow at the position suggested by
A. de Ugarte Postigo et al. (GCN3192) and then refined in subsequent
GCNs. We also detect the SDSS galaxy quoted by Lamb et al. (GCN3212) about
8arcsec from the afterglow position and conclude that this is VERY
unlikely the GRB050408 host galaxy.
This message can be cited."
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