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GCN Circular 32881

GRB 221028A: LCOGT Optical Upper Limits
2022-10-28T20:43:59Z (2 years ago)
Robert Strausbaugh at University of Minnesota <>
R. Strausbaugh (University of Minnesota), A. Cucchiara (NASA) report on
behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the GRB 221028A (Lien et al., GCN 32874) field with the LCOGT
1-meter Sinistro instrument at the Teide Observatory, on Tenerife, on
October 28, from 19:17 to 19:44 (corresponding to 6.02 to 6.45 hours from
the GRB trigger time) with the SDSS r and i filters.

We performed a series of 3x300s exposures in each band.  We do not detect
any uncatalouged sources in the XRT error region, in either band,
consistent with other optical upper limits (Kumar et al., GCN 32876; Hu et
al., GCN 32878; Lipunov et al., GCN 32879).

The following upper limits are calculated using the Pan-STARRS catalog as

r > 21.80
i > 21.62

These magnitudes are not corrected for galactic extinction.
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