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GCN Circular 33622

GRB 230414B: SAO RAS optical observations
2023-04-14T22:41:49Z (a year ago)
Moskvitin Alexander at SAO RAS <>
A. S. Moskvitin (SAO RAS) and V. P. Goranskij (SAI, Moscow University)
report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB 230414B detected by Swift
(D'Ai et al., GCN 33612) with the SAO RAS 1-m telescope
Zeiss-1000 + CCD photometer. We obtained several images in Rc band.

The GRB OT (Pankov et al., GCN 33615; Lu et al., GCN 33616;
Raman et al., GCN 33618; Ghosh et al., GCN 33620) is clearly detected
in the stacked frame with the brightness of R = 19.8 +/- 0.1
(T_mid - T0 = 3.68 hours). This preliminary photometry is based on R2
magnitudes of nearby USNO-B1 stars. The OT magnitude is not corrected
for the Galactic extinction.
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