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GCN Circular 3469

GRB 050525: observatons of the optical afterglow
2005-05-25T04:29:31Z (19 years ago)
Daniele Malesani at SISSA-ISAS,Trieste,Italy <>
D. Malesani (SISSA), S. Piranomonte, F. Fiore (INAF/OARm), G. 
Tagliaferri, D. Fugazza (INAF/OABr), and R. Cosentino (INAF/TNG), report 
on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We imaged the field of the bright GRB 050525 (Band et al., GCN 3466; 
Markwardt et al., GCN 3467) with the Italian 3.6m TNG. Observations were 
performed under good observing conditions (seeing ~1.1"), even if close 
to the bright Moon.

The object reported by Rykoff et al. (GCNs 3465, 3468) is clearly 
detected in a single R-band image (2 min exposure) starting on 2005 Apr 
25.07138 UT, 1.7 h after the GRB. Based on several nearby USNO stars, 
its magnitude is R ~ 17.4. We thus confirm the fading behaviour of this 

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