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GCN Circular 34724

Swift Triggers 1192480, 1192481, 1192482 and 1192483 are not astrophysical events
2023-09-18T02:49:03Z (10 months ago)
K.L. Page at U Leicester <>

C. Gronwall (PSU) and K. L. Page (U Leicester) report on behalf of the
Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory Team:

Swift triggers 1192480, 1192481, 1192482 and 1192483, on 2023-09-18 between 02:15:52 and
02:40:32 UTC, are not an astrophysical events.  They were caused by misidentifcation of various sources when the star trackers had lost lock. 

For the near future, please verify that the Swift GCN notices do not have the comment 

COMMENTS:        This trigger occured while the StarTracker had lost lock, so it is possibly bogus.  

GCN 34709 lists sources which BAT currently sees, so notices with coordinates
near these locations should be treated as suspect. 

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