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GCN Circular 3515

GRB050603, submillimetre observations
2005-06-03T20:23:59Z (19 years ago)
Vicki Barnard at Joint Astro.Centre,Hawaii <>
V. Barnard, G. Schieven, R. Tilanus, E. Lundin (all Joint Astronomy 
Centre), R. Ivison (Astronomy Technology Centre, Royal Observatory 
Edinburgh) report on behalf of the JCMT afterglow collaboration:

We have observed the field of the afterglow of GRB050603 as reported in 
GCN 3511 with SCUBA at the JCMT.  SCUBA operates simultaneously at 450 and 
850 microns and has a field of view of approximately 2.3 arcmin.  In 
moderate weather conditions, the initial results are:

850 micron: 2.408 +/- 1.973 mJy

450 micron: -41.97 +/- 94.988 mJy

These observations began at 20050603.738 UT and ended at 20050603.823 UT.
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