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GCN Circular 35961

X-ray transient EP240315a: MeerKAT radio detection
2024-03-18T21:47:26Z (a month ago)
Francesco Carotenuto at University of Oxford <>
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F. Carotenuto, J. Bright (Oxford), P. G. Jonker (Radboud), R. Fender, L. Rhodes (Oxford) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the new Fast X-ray Transient EP240315a (Zhang et al., GCN 35931) with the MeerKAT radio telescope at 3.0 GHz for a total of 1 hour starting on 18 March 2024 at 16:53 UTC. J1939-6342 and 3C237 were used as flux and complex gain calibrators, respectively. Using the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory Science Data Pipeline image, we find an unresolved source at the position of the optical counterpart of the FXT AT2024eju (Srivastav et al., GCN 35932) with a flux density of ~30uJy/beam. The rms noise in the field is 8.5 uJy/beam. Further MeerKAT observations are planned.

We thank the staff at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory for the rapid scheduling of these observations.
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