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GCN Circular 36228

GRB 240414A: LBT optical detection
2024-04-22T14:43:25Z (3 months ago)
Andrea Rossi at INAF <>
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A. Rossi, E. Maiorano, E. Palazzi  (INAF-OAS), M . De Pasquale (Univ. of Messina), report on behalf of the CIBO collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB 240414A (Caputo et al. GCN 36083) simultaneously in the blue and red arms with the g'-, r'-, and z'-bands with the MODS instrument mounted on LBT (Mt Graham, AZ, USA). Observations were obtained at the midtime 05:41 UT on 2024-04-14, 3 hours and 20 minutes after the burst trigger.

We detect the optical transient (Schneider et al., GCN  36084, Aryan et al., GCN  36094, Dutton et al., GCN  36097, Xu et al., GCN  36105, Pankov et al., GCN  36113, Wang et al., GCN 36131) in all bands and we measure a preliminary AB magnitudes r'=19.1+-0.1, calibrated against SDSS field stars, and not corrected for the foreground Galactic extinction.

We acknowledge the excellent support from the LBTO and LBT-INAF staff, particularly A. Cardwell, J. Williams, F. Cusano and D. Paris, in obtaining these observations.
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