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GCN Circular 362

1999-07-05T01:28:14Z (25 years ago)
Alberto Castro-Tirado at LAEFF-INTA <>
GRB 990704 optical observations

Alberto. Castro-Tirado, LAEFF-INTA (Madrid) and IAA-CSIC (Granada)
Maria Eva Alcoholado-Feltstrom, SMA (Malaga)
Maria Marcha and Alessandro Caccianiga, University Observatory  (Lissabon)
Karl Heinz Mack, Radioastronomisches Institut (Bonn)
Jochen Greiner, AIP (Potsdam)
Javier Gorosabel, LAEFF-INTA (Madrid)
Marco Feroci and Enrico Costa, IAS (Frascati)


"We have obtained four 4-minute R-band exposures through a cloudy sky
of the GRB 990407 error box (Piro et al. GCN 360) starting at 20:50 UT
on 4 July 1999 (3.33 hours after the trigger) with the 2.2 m telescope
at the German-Spanish Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA). After a visual
comparison with the the Digital Sky Survey, no new sources were seen to
a limiting magnitude of R = 18 within the 8 arcmin radius error box.
Deeper optical/IR observations are encouraged."

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