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GCN Circular 363

Identification of a possible optical counterpart for GRB990704
1999-07-05T12:54:24Z (25 years ago)
Alain Maury at OCA <>
Alain Maury (OCA), Boris Gaillard (OCA) and Michel Boer (CESR) report on
behalf of the OCA/CESR GRB collaboration, the tentative identification
of a possible optical counterpart for GRB990704 announced in GCN#360 and
GCN#361 on CCD images obtained on the 90cm Schmidt telescope of the
Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur.
An object which is not detected on the POSS has been detected at
RA2000.0 12h19m29.29s -03=B047'25.8" at m19.4 (unfiltered images) on July
4th 21h01 UT.
Contact information : or
Web page with images at :

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