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GCN Circular 373

BeppoSAX GRB990705: possible X-ray afterglow
1999-07-06T17:15:13Z (25 years ago)
Luigi Piro at IAS/CNR Frascati <>
Giangiacomo Gandolfi, on behalf of BeppoSAX Mission Scientist, reports:
A BeppoSAX follow-up of GRB990705 started about 11 hr after the burst.
A quick look analysis of the first five orbits of the MECS data at SOC
shows only one object, previously unknown, inside the refined
error circle of the WFC and located near the edge of the LMC.
Preliminary coordinates  are:
 R.A.(2000)= 77.489
 DEC(2000)= -72.132
The error radius is 2'
BeppoSAX will continue its observation and monitoring of this source up
to a total observing time of 100 ksec.
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