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GCN Circular 3758

GRB 050803: Keck Observations
2005-08-04T15:25:42Z (19 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berleley <>
GRB 050803: Keck Observations

J. S. Bloom, D. Perley, R. Foley (UCB), J. X. Prochaska (UCSC), H. W.  
Chen (MIT), & D. Starr (Gemini) report:

"R-band imaging of field of GRB 050803 (GCN 3748; 3757) with ESI/Keck  
II shows several faint sources in the uncertainty circle of the XRT  
(GCN 3752), including the extended object noted in GCN 3753.  
Spectroscopy of this source reveals it to be a star forming galaxy at  
z=0.422, based upon redshifted [OII], [OIII], and H-beta emission  
lines. We expect ongoing analysis to improve the precision of this  

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