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GCN Circular 3774

GRB050803, optical observations
2005-08-06T04:53:17Z (19 years ago)
T.P. Prabhu at Indian Astro. Obs. <>
S. Ramya, D.K. Sahu, P.S. parihar and T.P. Prabhu communicate on behalf of
a larger GRB collaboration group:

The field of GRB050803 was observed with the 2-m Himalayan Chandra
Telescope of Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle, on 2005 August 3,
20:30 UT (300s+600s+600s) and 22:18 UT (600s). The extended object
mentioned in GCN 3753, 3760, 3763 is the brightest source in the XRT
error box. Its magnitude with respect to USNO B1.0 star 0957-0591541
(R=19.31) was constant at R=20.9+/-0.1 mag at both the epochs.

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