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GCN Circular 3883

GRB050824: MASTER final analysis of the OT observations
2005-08-25T20:26:17Z (19 years ago)
Vladimir Lipunov at Moscow State U/Krylov Obs <>
V. Lipunov,  V.Kornilov, A.Krylov,  N.Tyurina, A.Belinski,
E.Gorbovskoy, D.Kuvshinov,  G.Borisov, V.Vladimirov, G.Antipov, Krushinski V.

Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow Union "Optic"

       MASTER ( responded to GRB 050824 (Swift trigger 
151905) (see GCN3869). The first image  was 764 sec after
SWIFT  GRB050824 detection    under the   Moon light.
  We see OT-candidate  proposed by J. Gorosabel (GCN 3865).
Our m = 0.89R + 0.11B (R & B from USNO A2).
We made new reduction and confirm previous our OT-decay result (GCN3870):
New reduction give next results about OT:

        UT               After GRB      m        error     expotime
                         mean time

     23 25 00               788s      >17.8                   45  s
23 25 00 - 23 47 55       24.0 min    18.6       +-0.3      15x30 s 
23 49 00 - 00 09 35       47.0 min    19.4       +-0.3      15x30 s

The JPG-images    available at  .

This work is supported by RFFI  04-02-16411 grant.
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