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GCN Circular 3957

WIRO observations in I of GRB 050908
2005-09-09T19:28:11Z (19 years ago)
Chris Rodgers at U of Wyoming <>
D. Dale, R. Barlow, C. Paul, C. Rodgers, D. Allen, R. Canterna, M. Pierce
report on behalf of the Wyoming Infrared Observatory GRB Team as part of
the FUN GRB Collaboration.  We responded to GRB 050908 (GCN 3942) at
07:40:25 UT with a 2 minute I exposure and at 10:25:35 UT with a 4 minute
I exposure centered on the position of the original Swift-BAT GRB Position
under 1.5 arcsecond photometric conditions.  The source was detected in
the 2 minute I exposure in the same position reported by GCN 3943 (Torii
et al.).  Zero points were calculated using the USNO B1.0 catalogue.

UT              Time Since      Filter          Magnitude
07:40:25        1:57:54         I               18.410 +/- 0.128

The source was no longer detected in the 4 minute I exposure.

UT              Time Since      Filter          Limiting Magnitude
10:25:35        4:43:04         I               18.620

10 sigma limiting magnitude were derived from the USNO-B1.0 catalogue.

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