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GCN Circular 4070

GRB 051008: Swift UVOT Candidate
2005-10-08T18:41:57Z (19 years ago)
Pete Roming at PSU <>
P. Roming (PSU), F. Marshall (GSFC), A. Blustin (MSSL) on behalf of the Swift
UVOT team:

The UVOT began observing GRB 051008 at 17:23:49 UT, 3028 s after the BAT
trigger. In the on board processing of the 200 s V-band image, UVOT detected a
possible candidate afterglow with respect to the DSS at the following

RA: 13:31:28.1
Dec: +42:08:05

We estimate the error to be a 1 arcsec radius. The preliminary magnitude
estimation is ~15 mag. The source is located in the initial BAT error circle.
Analysis on the full field image on the ground is required to verify the
authenticity of this source.
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