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GCN Circular 4155

GRB 051022: Swift/UVOT Upper Limits
2005-10-24T07:06:22Z (19 years ago)
Stefan Immler at NASA/GSFC <>
S. Immler (GSFC), A. Retter (PSU), J. Racusin (PSU),
L. Cominsky (Sonoma State U), J. Norris (GSFC)
on behalf of the Swift/UVOT team report:

The Swift-UVOT began observing the field of GRB 051022
(HETE Trigger H3950; Olive et al. GCN 4131) at 2005-10-22
16:34:11, about 3.5 hours after the burst.

Based on comparisons with the DSS catalog, we detect
no source inside the XRT error circle at RA, Dec
23:56:4.1, +19:36:25.1 (J2000) with an uncertainty of
4 arcsec (Racusin et al. GCN 4141) in any of the 5 filters
or in summed V-band exposures down to the following 5-sigma
magnitude upper limits:

Filter  T_range(hours)  Exp(sec) 5sigUL

V       3.47-3.72        900      19.5
B       5.63-5.65         63      18.9
U       5.38-5.63        900      20.1
W1      3.98-4.36        900      19.3
M2      3.73-3.98        900      20.4
V	6.78-13.48	7914	  20.7

where T_range is the time post HETE trigger.
The magnitudes have not been corrected for extinction.
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