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GCN Circular 4252

GRB051111: Super-LOTIS Early Detection
2005-11-11T07:09:58Z (19 years ago)
Grant Williams at Steward Observatory <>
P. Milne, G. Williams (U. of Arizona), H. S. Park (LLNL), S. Barthelmy 
(GSFC), J. Crist-Lair (Clemson U) , report on behalf of the Super-LOTIS 

The 0.6m automated Super-LOTIS telescope, located at Steward Observatory's 
Kitt Peak site, responded to Swift trigger 163438, GRB051111A.  The first 
image began at 06:00:17.4 UT, 35.9 s after the burst.  We clearly detect 
the OT identified by W. Rujopakarn et al. (GCN 4247) and find that it has 
faded considerably in images taken 15 minutes after the burst.  The 
approximate R band magnitude in the first 10 second exposure was 
determined using the USNO B1 catalog.

UT Start	Exp Time	R mag	delta R

06:00:17.4	10 s		13.2	0.1

Observations and analysis are continuing.
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