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GCN Circular 4278

GRB 051028 Optical Observations
2005-11-16T15:03:15Z (18 years ago)
T.P. Prabhu at Indian Astro. Obs. <>
D.K. Sahu, S. Srividya and S. Vanniarajan (Indian Institute of
Astrophysics, Bangalore,India) communicate on behalf of a larger Indian

We observed the central 10x10 arcmin region of the error circle of
the HETE trigger 3951 in Bessell R and I filters with the 2-m
Himalayan Chandra Telescope, Hanle, India, starting from 16:15 UT,
2005 October 28 (about 2.7 hours after the burst).

We could clearly detect the OT of GRB 051028 reported by Jelinek et al.
(GCN 4175). The preliminary R band magnitude for the OT, estimated
using the calibration provided by Henden (GCN 4184), is R=20.77+/-0.10
at 16:18 UT. The OT decayed by ~1.3 mag in R band in 1.5 hours. Further
analysis is in progress.

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