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GCN Circular 4322

GRB 051210: SALT detection limit
2005-12-10T21:52:31Z (19 years ago)
Martin Still at NASA/GSFC Swift SSC <>
M. Still, A. Kniazev, S. Siyengo (SAAO)

The Southern African Large Telescope, currently in
Performance-Verification phase, observed the field of
GRB 051210 during evening twilight, and through
thickening cloud, with the Salticam CCD camera. Based on
comparison with nearby sources, and assuming R-I = 0, we
find no sources inside the Swift-XRT error circle
(Mangano et al; GCN 4315) down to a limiting magnitude
of I = 20.2 at 2005/12/10 18:48 UT.

[GCN OPS NOTE(12dec05): The Subject line was changed from 051201 to 051210.]
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