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GCN Circular 4468

GRB 060110: Optical observation
2006-01-10T10:36:04Z (18 years ago)
Ken ichi Torii at RIKEN <>
K. Torii (Osaka U.) reports:

 We investigated our early Ic band frames for the IR afterglow
candidate (Bloom, GCN 4465; Bloom and Li, GCN 4467).

 In our stacked frame, we identify a low significance enhancement at
the position (J2000)

04:50:57.9 +28:25:56

with 2" uncertainty. There is no corresponding object in DSS2 red.
The Ic band magnitude in our frame corresponds to ~16.3 mag.  As of
this writing, we are not confident if this is an astrophysical source
or a noise, due to its low SN.

 We note that this position is about 7" north of that given in GCN
4467.  We also note that the position given in GCN 4467 is very close
to, but formally outside of, the BAT 3' error radius.

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