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GCN Circular 4469

GRB 060110: Super-LOTIS observations
2006-01-10T10:48:03Z (19 years ago)
Peter A. Milne at Super-LOTIS <>
P.A.Milne (Steward Obs),
on behalf of the Super-LOTIS GRB team reports:
The error region of GRB 060110 (Zane et al. GCN 4463) was
observed by the 60cm Super-LOTIS telescope at Kitt Peak, AZ..
Starting at 08:01:55 UT (38 s after the burst), 5 ten second
exposure images, 5 twenty second exposure images and 30 sixty second
exposure images were obtained. All images were obtained in the
R band.
Comparisons between permutations of these images do not reveal a
fading source in any image. The proximity of the moon led to very
poor image quality, particularly in the portion of the image that
contains the location of the candidate NIR counterpart
(Bloom GCN 4465). A preliminary upper limit of about 16.0 for an
object at that location, is based upon USNO-B magnitudes for two
nearby stars that were not detected.
Further analysis of these images will be performed.
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