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GCN Circular 4548

GRB 060117: PROMPT Observations
2006-01-19T17:49:26Z (18 years ago)
Melissa Nysewander at UNC,Chapel Hill <>
M. Nysewander, A. LaCluyze, D. Reichart, J.A. Crain, A. Foster, K. Ivarson
report on behalf of the UNC team of the FUN GRB collaboration:

We observed the error region of GRB 060117 (Campana et al., GCN 4533) with
four of the PROMPT telescopes simultaneously in Ur'Iz' beginning 18.0 hours
after the burst under the automated control of SkyNet at very high airmass.
Each exposure is 80 s long; the table below gives details of the

Filter Telescope  Start (UT) Stop (UT)    # Exp   Total (hr)
 U       P2       00:47:39   02:17:47      61      1.36
 r'      P4       00:47:39   02:18:44      63      1.40
 I       P1       00:47:36   02:13:03      59      1.31
 z'      P5       00:47:38   02:14:16      61      1.36

We do not see the afterglow reported by Jelinek et al. (GCN 4536) in r'Iz'
to r' > 20.2, I > 21.2, and z' > 20.2 (3-sigma).  The magnitudes have been
calibrated to 5 USNO NOMAD catalogue stars using the transformation
equations of Smith et al. 2002.

PROMPT is currently being built and commissioned at CTIO.
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