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GCN Circular 5203

GRB060602A: optical observations(/transient?)
2006-06-03T02:31:33Z (18 years ago)
Brian Lindgren Jensen at U.of Copenhagen <>
Brian L. Jensen, Jens Hjorth, Johan Fynbo (Dark Cosmology Centre, NBI),
Jyri N�r�nen (University of Helsinki) report:

"We have observed the field of GRB060602A (Schady et al., GCN 5196) in
the R-band with the NOT+ALFOSC (La Palma), starting at June 2.908 (15
min. after the burst). All R:6x300s cover the full 3' radius BAT error
circle. Visual comparison to the SDSS (Cool et al., GCN 5197), does not
reveal any new bright sources in the field.
However, a faint source, not readily apparent on SDSS (r-band), is
observed at:

RA  =  09:58:16.73
Dec = +00:18:12.7
- located 1.2' from the centre of the BAT error-circle.

A preliminary calibration to SDSS photometry of the field (Cool et al.,
GCN 5197) yields a magnitude for the source of R~22.5+-0.3. Further
observations are needed in order to determine whether the source is

A finding chart is available at: "
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