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GCN Circular 5204

GRB 060211A : WIDGET simultaneous optical observations
2006-06-03T12:40:27Z (18 years ago)
Toru Tamagawa at RIKEN <>
Y. Urata (Saitama-U), M. Kuwahara (TUS/RIKEN), M. Tashiro, K. Abe,
K. Onda, N. Kodaka, K. Masuno (Saitama-U), F. Usui (ISAS/JAXA),
T. Tamagawa (RIKEN) report: 

"WIDGET has continuously monitored the entire error region of the GRB
060211A (Hurkett et al. GCN 4736, 4740) with repeat of unfiltered
5-second exposures during the night of 11th February. The 1-sigma
limiting magnitude of images taken between 792 seconds before and 321
seconds after the burst was around V=10.8 magnitude. The magnitude was
derived by the Tycho-2 catalog. There was no significant emission from
the X-ray afterglow position up to the limiting magnitudes." 

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