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GCN Circular 6526

GRB 070612A: MDM Observations
2007-06-13T04:38:28Z (17 years ago)
Nestor Mirabal at Columbia U <>
N. Mirabal, I. D. McGreer, J. P. Halpern (Columbia U.),
M. Dietrich, B. M. Peterson (Ohio State U.) report on
behalf of the MDM GRB follow-up team:

"We observed the candidate optical afterglow of Swift
GRB 070612A (Updike et al. GCN 6515, Cenko et al.
GCN 6525) using the MDM 2.4m telescope. Preliminary
calibration with respect to USNO magnitudes
of nearby stars yields r' ~ 19.0 +/- 0.3 on June 13 03:59 UT
and i' ~ 18.4 +/- 0.2 on June 13 03:49 UT respectively.
These measurements indicate that the afterglow
has faded with respect to previous reports."
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