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GCN Circular 6621

GRB 070714 : Liverpool Telescope optical counterpart ?
2007-07-14T07:07:04Z (17 years ago)
Andrea Melandri at Liverpool John Moores U <>
A. Melandri (Liverpool JMU) on behalf of the Liverpool GRB
team report:

On 2007 Jul 14 at 05:10:56 UT the 2-m Liverpool Telescope
automatically observed the field of GRB 070714 (trigger=284856,
Racusin et al. GCN 6620).

Due to the incoming dawn the automatic observation sequence stopped
after ~15 minutes, after the acquisition of only 9 frames.

Inside the XRT error circle (Racusin et al. GCN 6620) we find a
single source at the position (error of 0.5 arcsec)

RA = 03:51:22.2
Dec = +28:17:51.4

It is not a catalog source but presently it's not clear yet whether
the object is fading.
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