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GCN Circular 695

GRB000604 optical non-detection
2000-06-08T10:30:44Z (24 years ago)
Elia Leibowitz at Wise Obs, Tel Aviv U <>
E.M. Leibowitz, E. Ofek, J. Dan and P. Ibbetson report:
 On June 07.804, 07.816  and 07.839, with the CCD camera attached to the
 Wise Observatory 1-m telescope, we obtained unfiltered (900 sec), R (900 sec)
 and B (2400 sec) exposures, respectively, of the GRB000604 area. The object
 which we have reported about in gcn 690 is not seen in any of these frames,
 consistently with Diercks & Cotoros (gcn 692) and Viellet (gcn 694). We
 confirm the corrected coordinates of star A, as given in gcn 692 and 694. For
 the record we place our detection frame of June 6, as well as our 3 additional
 frames of 1 night later, in the public domain. They can be retrieved in FITS
 format from our web site
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