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GCN Circular 7304

GRB 080212: Gemini-South optical observations
2008-02-13T08:13:50Z (16 years ago)
Edo Berger at Princton U <>
E. Berger (Princeton) reports:

"A 900-sec spectrum obtained with Gemini-South/GMOS reveals that the 
object near the XRT position is a late-K star and not a galaxy as 
initially indicated in GCN 7294.

In a 60 sec r-band acquisition image we find a faint source coincident 
with the XRT position at:
 	RA = 15:24:35.4
 	DEC = -22:44:30	(J2000)

This object is consistent with the positions reoprted in GCNs 7302 and 
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