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GCN Circular 7413

GRB 080310: GAO 150cm telescope Optical Observation
2008-03-12T14:09:55Z (16 years ago)
Kenzo Kinugasa at Gunma Astro. Obs/Japan <>
K. Kinugasa (Gunma Astronomical Observatory)  report:

 The position of GRB 080310 (Chornock et al. GCN 7381;
Cummings et al., GCN 7382)  was observed with the 150 cm
telescope of Gunma Astronomical Observatory.
Starting at 15:09 and 18:01 UT (6.5 and 9.4 hours after
the burst), Rc and Ic frames were acquired for sets of
5 x 3-min and  5 x 3-min exposures.

 We clearly detected the optical counterpart in all frames.
We estimated the R magnitute below and confirmed the fading
trend. The decay index of single power-law is consistent
with the result reported by Urata et al. (GCN 7412).

mid-UT     exp           Rc
15:18:50   5 x 3-min     20.1+-0.1
18:09:42   5 x 3-min     20.5+-0.1
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