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GCN Circular 7714

procesure for GRB Circular
2008-05-14T12:00:07Z (16 years ago)
Kenta Nishimoto at Nagoya U/STE <>
Dear GCN operator,

I'm a student of STE lab, Nagoya univ, in Japan.
Our group observe microlensing events 
using MOa-II telescope in New Zealand.
I'm studying GCN to receive it for future.
Could you please add me the circular list.

1)Your name : Kenta Nishimoto
2)Your institutional and/or project affiliation : MOA-II
3)The email address you want to receive the Circulars :
4)Your login account name you will be using to submit : nishimo
5)Your domain from which you will be submitting :
6)Whether you want to receive or not the Circulars : 1
7)Whether you want to receive or not the Reports : 1

Best regards.

Kenta Nishimoto

Kenta Nishimoto  <>
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