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GCN Circular 7719

GRB 080514B: Afterglow candidate
2008-05-15T05:40:09Z (16 years ago)
Antonio Deugarte at IAA-CSIC <>
A de Ugarte Postigo (ESO), A. Castro-Tirado,
J. Gorosabel, M. Jelinek (IAA-CSIC), P. Kubanek
(IAA-CSIC, GACE) A. Garcia,  A. Pimienta,
E. Curras (IAC), C. Pereira (Armagh Obs.), on behalf
of a larger collaboration report:

We have observed the error box of GRB080514B (Rapisarda et
al., GCN 7715) from the 0.8m IAC80 telescope at Iza�a Observatory
(Spain) in I-band starting on May 15.133 (17.3 hours after the burst)
There is a source with a mag of I~20.4, not present in the SDSS-i at
the following coordinates (J2000 +/-1"):
R.A.: 21:31:22.69
Dec.: +00:42:28.9

Further observations are encouraged to confirm if this is related to
the GRB.
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