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Swift/BAT-GUANO Alert

Candidate gamma-ray transient reported from the BAT-GUANO targeted search

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* = required

follow_up_eventstringName or trigger time of the external trigger that launched the search.
follow_up_typestringType of external trigger that launched the search, eg GW, neutrino, etc.

Properties from all of the following:

These properties are inherited using the allOf syntax. In order to validate, all of the following schemas must be individually valid, based on their respective properties. See allOf for more information.

Alert.schema.jsoncore schema object (click to expand)
Event.schema.jsoncore schema object (click to expand)
DateTime.schema.jsoncore schema object (click to expand)
Localization.schema.jsoncore schema object (click to expand)
Statistics.schema.jsoncore schema object (click to expand)
Reporter.schema.jsoncore schema object (click to expand)
AdditionalInfo.schema.jsoncore schema object (click to expand)


  "$schema": "",
  "mission": "Swift",
  "instrument": "BAT-GUANO",
  "messenger": "EM",
  "record_number": 4,
  "alert_datetime": "2023-01-01T03:24:36.0Z",
  "alert_tense": "current",
  "alert_type": "retraction",
  "trigger_time": "2022-12-31T21:46:05.13Z",
  "follow_up_event": "Fermi 694215970",
  "follow_up_type": "GRB",
  "data_archive_page": "",
  "id": [
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