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GCN Circular 1307

GRB 020322: Optical Observations
2002-03-25T07:23:24Z (22 years ago)
Grant Williams at Steward Observatory <>
G. G. Williams (Steward Observatory), H. S. Park (LLNL), and
D. H. Hartmann (Clemson University)

We have obtained 10 x 600s R-Band images of the position of the candidate
afterglow of GRB 020322 (GCN 1291, 1293, 1294) using the Steward
Observatory 90-inch Bok telescope.  The data were obtained between 23 Mar
2002 09:15 UT and 23 Mar 2002 10:55 UT or 29.4 - 31.0 hours after the
burst.  Our preliminary analysis reveals that the afterglow candidate
suggested by Bloom et al. (GCN 1294) has faded below the detection limit
of our stacked image.  Using a magnitude of R = 22.0 for star "a" (GCN
1295, 1298), we find a 3-sigma upper limit of:

	R > 24.5 +/- 0.3 

A smoothed image of the field can be obtained at:

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