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GCN Circular 2465

GRB031203: Optical Observations
2003-12-04T11:39:39Z (20 years ago)
Gerald Bourban at Geneva Observatory <>
G.Bourban*, A.Bram**, G.Burki*, T.Courvoisier* and L.Weber* report:
(* Geneva Observatory, Switzerland)
(** Instituut voor Sterrenkunde, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,
We have carried out optical observations of the field of INTEGRAL GRB
031203 using the P7 photometer's guiding Camera (6.5'x 6') mounted on
the Belgian MERCATOR 1.2-meter telescope located at La Palma Observatory
(Canary Islands), beginning at 03:44 UT on 2003 December 04 (5.7 hours
after the burst). We obtained four unfiltered images, with exposure
times of 180 and 480 s.
The comparison with the USNO-A2 catalog of the 2.5' error circle around
the position provided by INTEGRAL (GCN #2459) as well as the 6" ones
around the two positions provided by XMM NEWTON (GCN #2464) does not
reveal any new source down to a limiting magnitude of V < 17.6. 

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